Amarnath Yatra 2018

Amarnath Yatra is one of the most awaited Yatras. The registration process is already started. One can do Yatra by Walking or by Helicopter. Here are the details about Amarnath Yatra 2018 Helicopter Booking.

Amarnath cave is one of the Holy Trinity, Lord Shiva is a living God. According to a Hindu legend, this is the cave where Shiva explained the secret of life and eternity to his divine consort.

Lord Shiva is known to have made his adobe in the Himalayas. He built no house nor shelter, not for himself or his consort, Goddess Parvati. He was an ascetic, and yet married; He could be both for “He is the God sporting in the forest or taking his ease on a cloud.”

Situated in a narrow gorge at the farther end of Lidder valley, Shri Amarnathji Cave Shrine stands at 3,888 m and is 45 km from Pahalgam and 141 km from Srinagar.

Yatra Starting date:

The 60-day long annual yatra to the holy cave shrine of Amarnath in South Kashmir Himalayas will Commence/Start on June 28 and will Conclude/End on August 26.

Amarnath Helicopter Booking


Important Instructions for helicopter ride:

Yatris who wish to avail Helicopter Service to Panjtarni for their pilgrimage to Shri Amarnathji Cave Shrine are not required to seek Advance Registration through the designated Bank branches as their Helicopter Tickets is treated as Yatra permits for undertaking the Yatra (pilgrimage).

    • But such Yatris will be required to produce Compulsory Health Certificate (CHC) for each passenger (Yatri), duly issued by Authorised Doctors/ Institutes as per instructions laid down by Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board (SASB).
    • Please note that No Yatri is allowed to board the Helicopter without first submitting the CHC.
    • Also, note that the prescribed CHC should have been issued from the specified date by the Authorized Doctor/ Medical Institution. The CHC’s issued before a specified date would not be valid.
    • With one Credit/ Debit Card, a maximum of five passengers shall be booked. The Credit / Debit Card used for booking shall have to be reproduced at the time of the issuance of the Boarding Pass.
    • Children below 13 years of age, elderly persons above the age of 75 years and Ladies who are more than 6 weeks pregnant are not be permitted to undertake the pilgrimage.
    • For Pahalgam-Panjtarni Sector you are required to reach Pahalgam Helipad and for Baltal-Panjtarni Sector you are required to reach Neelgrath Helipad.
    • Please note that the instructions including reporting time given by the respective Helicopter Operator are required to be strictly followed.
    • The Helicopter services from Pahalgam or Baltal is up to Panjtarni which is approximately 5-6 km from the Holy Cave Shrine of Shri Amarnath.

DO’s for Yatra:

    • Prepare for the Yatra by achieving a high level of Physical Fitness. You are advised to start at least a month prior to the Yatra at least a 4-5km Morning/Evening walk. For Improving the oxygen efficiency of your body, you should start doing deep breathing exercises and Yoga, particularly Pranayam.
    • Your journey shall involve trekking across high mountains, facing strong cold winds. You must carry
    Adequate woolen clothing Torch
    A small umbrella (Plastic preferably one ) Walkingstick
    Windcheater( Heavy Jacket) Cap (preferably a monkey cap)
    Raincoat Gloves
    Waterproof trekking shoe Jacket
    Trousers (preferably a waterproof pair) Woolen socks

    These items are essential as the climate is highly unpredictable and changes abruptly from sunny weather to rain and snow. The temperature can sometimes abruptly fall to 5 degrees Celcius or lower.

    • For Ladies: saree is not a suitable dress for the Yatra. Salwar Kameez, pant-shirt or a tracksuit will be better.
    • Keeping in view the tough nature of the trek, children below 13 years in age and elderly persons above the age of 75 years shall not be permitted to undertake the pilgrimage. Ladies who are more than 6 weeks pregnant shall not be allowed to undertake the pilgrimage.
    • It would be better if the porter/ horses/ponies carrying your luggage travel just in front or behind you, as you may suddenly need something from your baggage.
    • During the Yatra from Pahalgam/Baltal onwards, you should keep spare clothes/ eatables in a suitable waterproof bag to ensure against their getting wet.
    • Carry a water bottle, dry fruits, roasted grams/channa, toffees/gun (jaggery), chocolates, etc for use during the journey.
    • Carry some cold cream/Vaseline/sunscreen to protect your hands /face against sunburn etc.
    • You should not trek alone. Always travel in a group.
    • You must also carry your Yatra Permit and any other identity card.
    • You must strictly follow the instructions issued by the Yatra administration, from time to time.
    • All waste materials must be placed in the nearest dustbin. All organic wastes must be put in the dustbin which is green colored.
    • Lavatories/ urinals, installed in the camps and other places en route the Holy Cave, should be used.


    DON’TS for Yatra:

    • Don’t stop at places which are marked by warning notices.
    • Don’t use slippers because there are steep rises and falls on the route to the Holy Cave. Only wear trekking shoes(Waterproof) with laces.
    • Don’t attempt any shortcuts on the route as doing so would be dangerous.
    • Do not do anything during your entire forward/return journey which could cause pollution or disturb the environment of the Yatra area. Use of plastics is strictly banned in the State and is punishable under law.

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