Chandigarh – Shimla Helicopter Service Online Booking – Timings, Schedule and Ticket Fares


Chandigarh Shimla helicopter service will begin soon from 4th June, 2018.


Chandigarh would be getting connected to Shimla by the helicopter service in near future. The helicopter service will start from the Chandigarh International Airport.


The distance between Chandigarh and Shimla by road is 113 km. It takes around 4 hour’s journey by road. The journey time would be reduced to around 25 minutes by the helicopter service. The helicopter would be a six-seater and the ticket charge/fare would be Rs 3930 (one way) per trip.


The timings of the Shimla – Chandigarh Helicopter services are as under:

  • Chandigarh airport to Shimla Airport (9.00 AM Departure – 9.30 Arrival)
  • Shimla airport to Chandigarh Airport (8.00 AM Departure – 8.30 Arrival)


As of now there is no helicopter between the two cities. As a result of the UDAN scheme by the Government, more air connectivity with Shimla and Chandigarh is expected in near future.


Chandigarh Shimla Helicopter Service will operate on Monday, Wednesday & Friday.


Additional facilities :

  • Bus service available from Shimla Airport to Shimla city – Rs. 200 per person (Departure Timing 09.30 AM)
  • Bus service available from Shimla city to Shimla Airport – Rs. 200 per person (Departure Timing 06.00 AM)


Capacity :

  • 6 person capacity in a chopper
  • Maximum 18 person can travel in a day (Timing will be same)


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